zaterdag 4 augustus 2018

The Haul Report 145: it's Kill Team time

Well, after a few calm weeks, new stuff found it's way to my doorstep.

And of course, with the new game out, I`m jumping on the 40k skirmish bandwagon... it's not like I lack models to pick from after all.

And so it comes to pass that the new Kill Team book found his way to my library, as the club did a "group order" over at Element Games for this, saving a nice buck.

I only picked the core rulebook, as neither the cards nor the figures intrested me anyways, and we have scenery enough anyways at TSA.

Another small purchase where some "essential paints", as I was running low on the colours for my army and their bases...

An essential in a way which I picked up (at last, shame on me) was the Codex Daemons, in order to field those slaaneshi ladies soonish...

A freebie I got, these small figures are from a local supermarket where you would get one when you bought for a certain amount.  My smallest nephew has the full series, so I`m using these final days of the promotion to snatch up some "npc civilians" for Burrows and Badgers.

I also received my club shirt and card from The Puppeteers this week

A last addition is of course the monthly White Dwarf magazine, which is a lot about the new Titans game as well, so I`ll do the walkby of the magazine in a day or two...

See you all next week!

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