maandag 27 augustus 2018

TSA Barbeque... and Bugman's Bar

On the 25th, the annual TSA barbeque took place at the clubhouse.

Combined on a playing saturday, we hosted about 50 people for a fest of burned meat and raw veggies.

While me and Nemesis took this opportunity to try out Kill Team, there was also a Frostgrave game and a cycling game going on before we sat down for foodies.

In which Nemesis wasn't to be beaten and he was the very first locked and loaded...

Afterwards, our table pulled up Bugman's Bar, the boardgame by Games Workshop in which a bunch of drunken Dwarves tried to bring food and drinks to their table in the chaos of a barfight, so that was quite a fitting game for the evening.

Mike took the victory against his family, Noshi, Heikki and Nemesis, while I taped a 15 minute or such action tape around the middle of the game.  Yes, it's in dutch, and at some comments it might be better that perhaps you don't actually understand what is said if your not fluent in the Antwerp dialect xD.

Another nice sit together it was, and one of those chances to have some socialising done at the club...

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