maandag 13 augustus 2018

Miranella Sharpnose, Pirate Shrew

The first of my collection of Burrows and Badgers figures painted up, it's one of the smaller figures for "my" warband, the Pirate Shrew.

In the end, we will have two bands of five (and me seemingly outclassed at a first rulebook glance), but they are a joy to paint.

The Oathsworn Miniatures figures are nicely cast, and as such they also paint up rather lovely.

On the base, I used a few different sorts of flock, though I am sticking with a black "edge" on these models for no other reason then sheer variation tbh.

Now to assemble the next model and do that in the near future as well, because me and Noshi want to start playing this after our Mallorca holiday... including recording it for the YouTube channel, sheer for the fun of it.


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