maandag 20 augustus 2018

Ziggurat Scenery

The latest piece of scenery completed, comes this big and heavy ziggurat model.

Obtained waaaaay back at the Crisis 2012 show,  you see everything gets painted initially... if I didn`t part with it before that xD

While intended for the Burrows and Badgers table initially, we agreed on not using this particular piece however as it is just to big and dominating for the small 24 by 24 demotable we will be running.

The model, which back then was priced 10 GBP (I believe I bought it in the end for 10 euro) is one big, heavy lump of resin, with only the top stone which had to be added to the build.  Yeah, you can cave your opponents skull in with this thing, it weighs slightly over a kilo...

It was mostly drybrushed to give the stone surface some detailing, with the golden heads inked and drybrushed as well, and was a "group effort" by me and Noshi, as she did most of the grey dryrbushing, I only "finishing" it with the lightest grey and the golden heads.

Now on to the next pieces of scenery to paint...

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