donderdag 30 augustus 2018

Scenario Objective: Pikachu!

The scenario me and Noshi are going to demo at the open day, will be a variant on the special Mouse-Hunt scenario that came as an extra with the Burrows and Badgers rulebook.

The name will of course be changed to Gotta Catch 'Em All, but instead of the Gromley model, we are using this small Gashapon (japanese UFO catcher toys) figure of the most famous rodent in the world, Pikachu.

The figure has only been based, not painted, to keep with it's cute anime look, but the reason for including it and making it the central figure is twofold: to appeal to the audience of course in the first place, and to make it a bit of tongue in cheek, clearly identifiable, objective.  As both sides will be playing with the model during the scenario, it's a great little figure to hobble around with on the field of battle as such.

Now to work on the actual warbands and complete them...

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