zaterdag 10 maart 2012

18th Century Beauty Parlour

Welcome welcome fellow Parisien to La Bastille, ze most modern beauty saloon in ze whole of France. I am Jean-Jaques le Boucher, your host and I will give you a small tour of the newest trends we ave ere in personal improvement machines

First of all, take a look at this brand new liposuction machine. You are guaranteed to loose much kilograms after only one session. Just go inside and close the door, and ze magic will run its course.

Ere we ave our newest in hair style fashion, providing a very nice and equal `aircut. All you have to do is rest your neck on the denture, and thanks to gravity and a special, razor sharp trimming blade it will be all neat and crispy in only a matter of seconds.

Finally is the newest style to give a Paris nail workover. Rest your `and on the planch and our luvelly assistant BoBo will be along to give the trimming and polishing you always wanted.

So just come along now, and I guarantee you that either of theze newest technological marvels will not cost you and arm and a leg for a treatment.

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