zondag 25 maart 2012

Twilight Wildlife - Lead Painter`s League Round 3

Another week, and a hatrick. Three trashings in a row, and once more nothing to really contest the judges. I *might* have scored way better this time with a picture, but in the end I`m pretty sure I`d still would have fallen short.

At least it was an acceptable loss, with about 30% of votes still collected as seen here, but I`m starting to prepare myself to attack the last place. The current round once again looks like it is going to become a fiasco (and once more, well deserved).

I really should try to consider starting `a bit` earlier on the next League me thinks, and learn to build scenery and a `story` for my entries. fat chance though, I`ve probably all forgotten about those things two days after the league ends teeheeheee.

Next year, with the 150 years of Gettysburg, I AM going to try and enter 10 rounds of American Civil War troops though (for other reasons as well, but those will be revealed over the course of the comming year, but think ACW weekend at TSA needing 9000+ figures opposed to the 3000+ you`ve seen passing on the past blogposts...).

Finally, for Leon, here are some slightly better and improved pictures of the various critters themselves:

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