vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Bad Bay Hackers 4 - Vongalazthag Violators 0

Second league match, though I must confess there never was a match, even though both teams where close in rating with 107 vs 102 in my favor.

The picture here of the kick off of turn one, where I needed to kick, was the only time I had a full squad, so I guess that says enough hehehe, we got soundly trashed, bashed and smacked around.


* BoB received his first of many to come MVP awards. He did tie up the Ogre most of the game, knocking him over (even with both downs in his suicidal mind set) no less then 6 times, though only managed to stun him once.

* A fan threw a rock knocking a human blitzer KO


* I managed to further KO only a single player during the whole game, even though I suffered no less then 3 KO`s (2 Dwarves and a Hobgoblin) during the kick off drive alone. I would end with no less then 4 casualties, albeit luckily only a Hobgoblin misses my next fixture...

* I gathered a full ONE star player point when a Hobgoblin managed a quick pass to another Hobgoblin. Apart from the MVP that is of course.

* Even my fans deserted me, as I managed to roll a 3 on 2d6, needing to roll more then 5...

* I never managed to beat armour scores. No less then 3 times in a row I boweled over his complete scrummage line, and at best had as a result 1 stunned out of 6 players knocked over, including his Ogre.

* Two times a Bull Centaur managed to rush through with the ball. Two time he literally knocked himself out, hoora for Sure Feet...

* When your armour 9, block and thick skull, your expected to be a blocking team. I have caused 1 casualty over two games and suffered 7 so far myself. And those weren`t Hobgoblins at all, as even today it where three of them, the fourth was a Bull Centaur.

Oh well, it can only get better from here on... now I have a two week break from BB as I`m playing Tomorrow`s War next week and then the Outpost Open Magic Grand Tournament the week after. But the team after that better prepare itself for a bucketload of pain.

Luckily the other match between the Bloodweiser Bunnies and the league leaders, the Green Bay Hooligans, ended in a 2-0 for the bunnies, so where still in the strong belly of the field and have the coveted spot 4 for qualifications still not out of reach.

Current, updated League Table

The Green Bay Hooligans (Humans) [4] - 9 points
The Bloodweiser Bunnies (Amazon) [4] - 8 points
The Violent Kneecappers(Orcs) [3] - 6 points
The Mummy Road Show (returns)(Undead)[4] - 6 points

Feet of Flames(Halflings) [4] - 4 points
The Bad Bay Hackers (Human) [2] - 4 points
Vongalazthag Violators(Dawi Zharr) [2] - 3 points
Oinky`s Nutkickaz(Goblins) [2] - 0 points
Green Powah (Orcs) [2] - 0 points
Sylvania Sunbathers (Vampire Counts) [1] - 0 points

H.A.T.E (Dark Elves) [0] - 0 points
The Green and Red Lightnings (Dwarf) [0] - 0 points
Queen Helga's Double D Dwarfettes (Dwarf) [0] - 0 points
Da Mad Hakkaz (Orcs) [0] - 0 points

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