woensdag 21 maart 2012

Beating Creepy Corridor Andy... The PS3 Masterplan

So our challenge still runs, and is to be untill december, in an effort to get the mostest out of the venerable PS3 and it`s trophees.

He called me a slacker as I trailed behind indefinitly...

3 weeks ago, I was two levels and 3000 points trailing behind, but last week, I managed to bump over him and gain a 1500 points lead up and about at the moment. Having to rest and lie in the couch for weeks tends to have that benefit...

As I stand compared to how he stands...

But now I`m nearing the infamous `level 12`, after which the level gain will be upgraded from 2000 points per level to 8000 points per level, which is... a lot. Most average PSN games have a gain of 300 possible points, the BluRay retail ones clock in at around a 1000 each, and that is if you platinum them.

So I need a Master Plan. A short term one to boot, as the 30th finally is supposed to see the release of the LE Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle at my local Game Mania, which will mean I won`t be playing like anything else until I platinumed that one. I mean, I am a HUGE Saint Seiya otaku (the myth cloth reviews might have been a clue in that direction) and I`ve been looking forward to this ever since it was announced over a year ago.

Unfortunatly, I also need to paint up a lot of stuff still, so this is going to be a real challenge the comming one and a half week to try and get to that level 12, yet get all entries for the LPL done bar the finale (Redoubt... come through will ya).

So the plan will be along these lines:

Step 1: Try each and every game still lying around unplayed for a while to have a look and feel what they are about.

Step 2: Try and finish some of their main story line modes.

Step 3: Grind for the 100% on some of them, as well as for the smaller PSN games with the necessary replays required.

Step 4: Play Saint Seiya ad infinitum...

That should keep me in the lead for at least until the LPL ends this year (first weekend of may FYI) and then battle Andy and his crew (slave labouring bugger, you could have given the kids a seperate account instead of hugging all the glory) on a fair and square playing field.

But even if I loose this challenge... Andy, at least I haven`t been a painting slacker this year NAH

2 opmerkingen:

  1. You're still a slacker! Faking surgery to get 4 weeks leave from work to game ;-)

    Still an impressive run you made there buddy, but december is still a long way to go. Too bad my minions lost interest in trophies ... I will have to platinum them all alone now! :-)

  2. 6 Actually :-D ;-D

    In april I go back to work... for 2 weeks, because then I have my annual 2 week Salute vacation (though i won`t be Salute`ing this year, Olympic Year made the hotel prices skyrocket)