woensdag 7 maart 2012

Meet... the FAR SIDE

It`s about time that I finally let all you followers meet that infamous `Far Side` I keep talking about, as it`s membership roster currently stands (along the years we gained some and we lost some as people tend to drift in and out of the hobby and club due to that boring game called real life).

So without further ado, here they are, our current batch of more then slightly insane players in the schemes for total global domination and beyond (and with thanks to Facebook where they tend to have a nack for posting stupid pictures of oneselves...). Bit odd to talk about oneself in the third person though...

The Mastermind: Tomsche `Lord Aldades` Murrath

The evil genius, the inciter of new things, he who let`s others invest in wargame models, the drama queen, the otaku... aka me

Okay, so here I am, in all my glorious radiance. A hobbyist for almost two decennia now, and proud in being able to `weight` a person on first glance (and afterwards rarely being proven wrong). Has the USS Enterprise tattooed on his leg. Others describe him as `slightly of the scale`, an anime otaku and general geek.
Pro`s: Loves to play the waiting game to pounce at an opportune moment, can get very, very involved in a game.
Con`s: Has issues accepting that not everyone is so gameclub minded / hobbyistic as himself. Due to fast paint outturns gets bored of a system as he has to wait for others to catch up and play. Tendecy to seriously stress out and not able to relativate issues concerning his hobby and club.
Favorite Periods: American Civil War, Fantasy, WW2 Naval and Naval in general, spaceships.

The Nemesis: Guy `Centurion` Van den Brande

As long as I`ve been a member of TSA, this has been my most regular opponent over the years, we live within a click of each other and generally fill each other in rather well. Our characters and playstyle are complete opposites, pity he has a wife and two kids and that I`m straight our I`d move in with him ;)
Pro`s: Makes a plan, sticks to it, builds his force to execute the plan in the detail. Strong strategic player and hard to lure into a trap by playing the `psych game`.
Con`s: Always brings the exact same force to the table, because it works, but tends to get boring for the opposition after a year and a half of more of the same.
Favorite Periods: Fantasy, World War 2

The Creative One: Patrick `Patje` Lefevre

For over a decade, with periods of drifting in and out, Patrick has been the one in the Far Side up for anything as long as it is weird, wonderful, and not run of the mill.
Not the best of players (sorry Pat, but over all those years I don`t think I can recall more then 20 wins in all, and never against me?) but he looses with a smile as long as he can do something odd and he is a great bloke to play against. I have however over all those years I know him, never found out who he mugged for that sporty outfit to pose with.
Pro`s: Cheery and optimistic, up for anything
Con`s: if he`s pissed, he really is PISSED.
Favorite Periods: Skirmish Fantasy, Skirmish style historics or `alternate` historics

The Club Representative: Bjorn `Sgt Looney` Poppe

He`s a soldier boy this one, and I think shareholder of the Jupiler Tauro brewery... but oddly, no matter how fierce and ogre like looking he might be, he does have a few soft spots. We think. We don`t dare to get close enough to search him. Just kidding ;) Also very handy on crowded events to follow in his wake.
Pro`s: Decent player, always assured to launch the `viking style` surge forward army or attack
Con`s: That exactly. Play on that attack and you flank him from all sides, his force disintegrating as snow in the sahara. Sometimes dares to `loosly ineterpret` rules whoch has led to some frictions before.
Favorite Periods: SciFi, Spaceships

The up-for-everything: Wim `Mr Scratch` Cannaerts

Our other army man, he works woth the Engineers of the Belgian Armed Forces. Rather opposite of Sgt Looney, he is a calm and silent one, though he can get slightly fired up in rules discussions. Likes anime almost as much like I do.
Pro`s: Plays in a military style, aiming for precision attacks and flanking manoeuvres.
Con`s: A bit to rigid in his plans, he seems not really good in adapting to changing battlefield conditions when something really unexpected happens
Favorite Periods: SciFi, World War 2 and I`m hauling him in for American Civil War

The unlucky one: Thomas `ThoVa` Vandorse*something something*

Every group has it`s quiet yet enthousiastic castmember, and this one is ours. He can be lively at the table, but eminates a peace and calm and is an easy to go with player.
Pro`s: a good player who knows the rules well of whatever you play and builds armies that work.
Con`s: his armies rarely work because if one person has terrible dice luck, it`s Thomas. Be guaranteed he will miss the game winner roll, and gloriously succeed in failing a `this I cannot fail` roll.
Favorite Periods: Fantasy, SciFi

The `Because we get government support for having him` one: Andy `Creepy Corridor` De Bodt

He`s nuts. Plain and simple. Short a full hand of a complete deck, this bloke is one step away of having to been fed with a spoon. Also has a fixation with my ass, though seeing him doing his Krv Maga pictures, he seems to like it if guys sit with their ass on his face.
Pro`s: In for anything weird to game like Pulp, superheroes, star trek, those kinds of things. As long as he doesn`t have to learn to much rules and paint to much monotonous models. Go read his blog (see the TSA sidebar) and you`ll get the idea.
Con`s: Not the world greatest player as he tends to drift off to do things that make a funny story afterwards, even though it ruins every chance of a win. Keeps touching my ass.
Favorite Periods: everything not historical, not mass army

The tinkerer: Sven `Mechaniak` Roelants

Extremely talented scratchbuilder and painter. If you have him over for a visit, chances are high you`ll be missing all kinds of little screws and whotnots from all over the place because he can do `something` with it. Once made me an OUDF dreadnought as a present from a discarded lighter. Still have it, it`s awesome. And I love his ork trukk which is build on a kid`s pull back car. And still works...
Also has a great love for all things retro gaming.
Pro`s: Be guaranteed to face a gorgeous army, with all kinds of oddities and conversions to the max.
Con`s: Like Andy (they are actually brothers, they just don`t know that yet) minus the ass groping
Favorite Periods: anything he can build stuff for

The slapping bitch: Tom `ChubChub` Steylaerts

Was a `big shot` TSA Warhammer player when he joined the Far Side, and got trashed around a lot since then. But he does wipe our asses out in Magic the Gathering big time though. He`s a very okay fellow though, and our junior member in age (Wim has that spot in `membership years`). I think he sees us as study objects though, being a psychotherapist and all...
Pro`s: Definitly not a bad player, and has catched up with the special style needed to `survive` in the Far Side rather quickly, dishing out now as much as he had take before.
Con`s: Tends to copy armies that work, by which time it is usually to late because everyone knows by then how they work.
Favorite Periods: Fantasy, SciFi

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  1. ChubChub approves of this article and has to admit he lolled several times while reading it!!

    However, he's not a psychotherapist but a bachelor in psychology ;)
    *grabs his notebook and scribbles: Subject A has exhibited more strange internet-related behaviour...*

    Cheers mate, keep up the blogging!

  2. If you must know, that sport outfit is mine and I wore it at my very first runnercompetition in Bruges in 2009, a pitty it wasn't to last due to a nasty knee surgery.
    I picked up cycling after that and I've still got the outfit :-p
    I do get my ass kicked mostly but I've got a good excuse :-))) : I work full time and I've got a family to support, reading rules and spending every friday at the club comes second so I've got very little 'training'. I don't mind tho.
    It leaves me little time to read rules and why should I do that when we've got you who does that for us :-p

  3. An excellent introduction to your group! The ass grabbing sounds a bit worrying???

  4. I was inspired by your Posties two parter.

    And believe me.. it is

  5. Guilty as charged. As long as there's something to hit in front of me a'm a happy pappy (enemies or beer). ;-p