dinsdag 20 maart 2012

TSA Blood Bowl 2012 League Table

So, the Blood Bowl League is in full swing, and past friday I finally debuted on the pitch. Now and then, I`ll be posting the League table as the standings are at that moment (basically, a few days after a play-day of the Violators, to give the CM a chance to compile results).

The system is as follows for this year: during a period of about 5 - 6 months, coaches can arrange fixtures how they see fit, with the only restriction that you may only play an opponent twice. Think of it as a home and away fixture. A win will grant 3 points, a draw 1 and a loss 0.

When this period has passed, the top 4 teams will push through to the cross finals, where two random pairings will create the fixtures, and the winners of those games will face each other in the finale to crown the Champion.
The restriction to get to the semi`s though is that teams will have to have played at least 5 matches in order to be able to qualify.

Me personally, I`d be glad if I even could push through to the semi`s, but doubting that. I play with my beloved Dawi Zharr in the League, but must say I always preferred the passing game one can develop with the Sylvanesti. Next time for sure!

So here is the League table as it stands at the moment, in the format of:

Team name (race) [games played] - x points

Teams marked in italics are the ones currently qualifying for the semi finals (aka, the 4 teams with the most points and at least 5 matches - none at this moment as only 6 weeks have passed yet), the bold one is well, mine lol.

The Green Bay Hooligans (Humans) [3] - 9 points
The Violent Kneecappers(Orcs) [3] - 6 points
The Mummy Road Show (returns)(Undead)[4] - 6 points
The Bloodweiser Bunnies (Amazon) [3] - 5 points

Feet of Flames(Halflings) [4] - 4 points
Vongalazthag Violators(Dawi Zharr) [1] - 3 points
The Bad Bay Hackers (Human) [1] - 1 points
Oinky`s Nutkickaz(Goblins) [2] - 0 points
Green Powah (Orcs) [2] - 0 points
Sylvania Sunbathers (Vampire Counts) [1] - 0 points

H.A.T.E (Dark Elves) [0] - 0 points
The Green and Red Lightnings (Dwarf) [0] - 0 points
Queen Helga's Double D Dwarfettes (Dwarf) [0] - 0 points
Da Mad Hakkaz (Orcs) [0] - 0 points

Hercules joins the team

Kef`fin Hobo, better known as Hercules to his... erm... well I won`t call them friends, as Hobgoblins aren`t to big on those things, has joined the ranks of the Vongalazthag Violators in a bit for gaining a semi final ticket.
Dwarf Vha`Dur, the headcoach of the Violators, says he is very pleased with the signing as this gives him another greatly appreciated and highly praised player, specialised in being expendable, for his team.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Great! Nice to see the team is still developing during the League!

    I hope to get some matches played soon so I can ...ehm..."climb" in the ranking...haha, right!

    This looks like a fun game and I'l be glad just participating and playing a match vs. the Dawi Zharr!!!

  2. Being firmly second in your division and is easy reach of 1st place is no mean feat - good luck for the rest of the season!

  3. It`s actually one big division, I just splitted them in 3 sections to have a less cluttered view, namely the (for now) top scoring four teams for the semis, the rest, and the ones that haven`t shown up (yet?).

    This friday, I got a match normally against a human team with also one game under the belt, can go every way :)

  4. it will go one way... straight at your endzone... :-p