donderdag 22 maart 2012

In space, we love to hear you scream

So I was taken aside a few weeks ago by our ex-president of TSA, with the question if I had some `Aliens` for a guest rol in Tomorrow`s War, now that I went in 15mm overload modus.

`Of course!` I told him, I can bring along a dozen of beasties for it.

Now, they are ready, thirty vicious aliens, produced by Khurasan Models and based on a three per base level as to be able to field a squad or two... and not have a zillion very little (they top around 1cm in height) models I have to keep searching for on the table.

Humanoids detected... dinner is served gnagnagna

Though it *could* be he actually had aliens in mind of the `parasite evolves into top of the foodchain` kind...

Now to watch those four movies again... (okay, 1.5 movies and the rest is just horrible stuff if you ain`t in B-rate scifi movies... still, nothing can get worse then Cyber Cop 1 to 3).

Woodland Trolls

But I painted some more models yesterday, as a first `tester` to get used to the range and scale. From the Splintered Lights I bought, I did the first unit, a set of Woodland Trolls.

In HOTT, it doesn`t matter what kind of models you use, as long as you stick to minimum base size requirements and I`m going to class these as a Warband (2 points) to fight along what will become a wall of spearpoints supported by a mass of archers.

What I like about Hordes of The Things, is that being the fantasy version of the venerable DBA / DBM set you don`t have to bother with army lists and special rules. Battles are seemingly (I only read reports and such, haven`t played a game yet) won or lost by manoeuvring on the one hand, and the types and numbers of elements you select on the other.

An Orc archer is identical to an Elven archer, and you can face a legion of Roman Auxiliaries with a force of French Napoleonics under the rules perfectly well, just make sure you have an appropriate Stronghold along.

Of course, the core rules being free helps a tremendous lot as well, and in 15mm you`ll have an army, which is 24 `points` big and may not include more then half of `flashy stuff` of 3, 4 or 6 points (characters, monstrous cavalry. dragons, etc etc) so you have at least half of rank and file (still consisting of about 10 different troop types) to build a force.

Being played on as few as 2by2 foot table (for the TSA`ers, that is one tile) and lasting about an hour a game, you can really shuffle along a couple of games in an evening so anyone can have a go. And more then once...

And you can get suitable (and even larger in points value) forces for as less as 20 dollars (look at the Splintered Light army deals for example).

Me likeys...

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  1. HOTT is something I've been wanting to play for a long time. I've read the rules and have been windowshopping for armies, but without an opponent it seemed folly to buy ... this changes that :-)

  2. *SIGH*... PAINT!!! LOL
    Nice work on the lil' fellows mate :-)