donderdag 15 maart 2012

Stargrunt 15mm OUDF Utility Vehicle

So, apart from those previously mentioned entries for the LPL, I finally started painting 15mm SciFi for Tomorrow`s War. Well, after the hospital period of the past month, finally began painting again per se, but well, that was an unexpected major setback on paint row schedule, but we`ll catch up to it.

This is a nice little vehicle from Ground Zero games (GZG for short), and though it has military value 0 I still wanted to have one for my budding OUDF forces. Someone has to transport the barbeque along on campaigns anyways... or provide a quick taxi on the opentopped flatbed if needed ;)

I must say, I really enjoy painting this scale, it lends well to the style I normally handle yet forgives it better then the larger 28mm cousins, so indeed the light has been seen.

Next up, the infantry and some vehicles for an OUDF patrol, then some Critical Mass Khanates, Aliens and Critters for the scifi part. Got that Carthage army I showed earlier today to do as well, and my fantasy force of Wood Elves for HOTT is in the mail from Splintered Light, apart from the still to finish ACW goes Irish VSF that I started in last years LPL and then... didn`t continue on in any way.

So much to do, so little time to do it ;)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks good. Always useful to have something to haul the beer with.

  2. Looking nice Tom. Maybe we should do a bash up in the future with our 15mm armies :)

  3. I wouldn`t call 16 australians an army just yet though ;)

    Better make that quite a future away still, but we`re painting like hell these days, that`s about the only benefit of my hospital period last month, I still got two weeks homestaying to go :-D