woensdag 28 maart 2012

Villers Bocage: assembling the 7th Armoured Division tank squadron

Just like the Carthaginians earlier today, I finally (they only been lying in my closet for about 4 years now) assembled my Cromwell tank squadron for use in Flames of War. Better late then never I guess?

This way, I also have a view on what is going onto the Salute shopping list, namely Sextons, TD`s and some more Cromwell`s.

Now, I know that the new edition of the rules makes this Reluctant bunch not to happy with the idea of assaulting infantry, but under the new tank rules, no tank comapny is happy to do that job. Just like I ain`t happy to do the job of painting infantry for FoW anymore, did enough of that with my Italians thank you very much.

But why this list? Simple: Cromwell`s. Not because they are the uber tank of all killiness, as they are outfought by their counterpart on the german side, the Panzer IV, but because like it`s predecessor the Crusader, I just love the look and style of the tank.

Okay, so we have to haul those fat Firefly`s around to make dents in enemy armour, but we`ll at least be able to outrace most tanks and semi-indirect is a good friend of mine.

So in this 1000 points, I have two Cromwell platoons, an HQ with AA support and a recovery vehicle (you`ll never bog when you have those, but be sure Murphy will get you when you don`t), and a Stuart V recce platoon.

And I know my Nemesis is gonna love me for seeing this post appear >:D

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Good for you wading into the depths of that closet to find the lost and forgotten. I share your love for Cromwells, they are so British somehow, not elegant or really effective, not sexy like the Germans, but somehow just solid and reassuring.
    I was interested to see that the FOW rules rate 7th AD as Reluctant - was that just for Normandy? They had a reputation for being "sticky" and risk adverse by the time they got to NW Europe.
    Looking forward to seeing them painted.

  2. They are on the `to do list` as soon as I bought a fresh tube of Vallejo 924, didn`t discover one of those anymore in the Closet of Temproal Assets