woensdag 7 maart 2012

Steaming up the Mississippi

A small set I bought at Salute 2010, I managed today to finally finish the models I painted now 3 weeks ago (aka, spray varnish them) and take some pictures.

Now, like the sailing ship last month, these models are in 1/2400 scale, so are pretty tiny (averaging about 3 cms length and 1 cm width) but unlike the sailing ships, truth to be told I do not really like the sculpts themselves.

Some of the classes don`t represent their suposed counterparts, a comment I already had picked up on TMP before. Monito doesn`t look like Monitor at all for example, with a large funnel and a peaked, bend downward nose like a ram.

Still, the models where cheap and even though the boats themselves where a bit of a bore after the first 4 to paint (I mean, how many tints of a dark iron gray can one paint after all), I do love TD`s sculpted bases that come with the models.

I don`t have any direct gaming plans for them yet, but who knows they might come in handy somewhere in the future and it`s not like they take up whole shelves of premium cabinet space either...

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