zondag 18 maart 2012

Brotherhood of Mutants - Lead Painter`s League round 2

Another week of LPL gone by, and one hell of a trashing did I get this week. Where Alpha Flight last year was my biggest win so far, this one is the biggest defeat, scrounging just over a measly 10% of the votes.

And a well deserved trashing it was to boot, as you can see Elysium64`s entry here, a great set-up and I love all those natural flowing brown colours, so you won`t hear any word of me from not fair of undeserved loss, I got my ass handed over twice already, and I can perfectly live with that.

I just HOPE Redoubt will get my order issue sorted out soonish, `cause I will need each and every bonus point this year to avoid the last place on the leaderboard... because I don`t see how I`ll manage to scrounge a win if this level of quality is being kept in the LPL this year.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It was a good effort, mate. if it helps, I voted for your Twilight Nightlife entry on LP Forum, and thought it was a shame you were paired with Nazis. That was a raw deal, I thought. doesn't matter what they are up against, Nazis will always win, and yours were the better figures. So don't be too hard on yourself.

  2. Bwah, I`m not lying awake of it TOO much though, I use the LPL mainly as an excuse to finally kick off some lingering projects or force my paint counter into new heights ;) I`m participating every year with the olympic thought :-D, very fitting to boot in 2012

    I just seem to really need to invest in a better camera (this one is like first generation digicam) and figure out how that Photoshop works to compilate some more.

    ... and work on some scenery ;)