donderdag 22 maart 2012

Fear the Combat Wombat

Okay... so it is only an APC with a small turret on it, but as far as a catchy title goes, it sounds awrightey...

In my 15mm paint craze of the last two days, I completed this OUDF (or `Old Fuzz` for those in the know of the Stargrunt / Full Thrust setting) tactical squad and their Wombat hover personel carrier.

So with two (different factions) squads and transports now done, a bunch of small aliens and a heap of larger ones as well as a second squad of aussies on the way, I guess I should have some stuff at the ready for the Tomorrow`s War initiation next week friday.

Tomorrow a small review for the Myth cloth latest addition here on the blog, then the 4-parter detailing the ACW weekend that is taking place this weekend at TSA, aka our annual monster battle with over 20 players in 28mm, so that will dominate the Blog the comming days.

Battle report of tomorrow eve`s Blood Bowl match will come during next week, as well as the LPL round (mental note: paint you slacker) hindsight. And since I have the week off still due to my revalidation, you`ll be getting quite a couple of miniature related posts as well before I thunder onto my PS3 full time (hopefully, if the release ain`t expanded again) next friday :-)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Perché la squadra di concorrenti a "Chi somiglia di più a Hunter S. Thompson" (in versione paramilitare) si é fatta seguire da un mega-aspirapolvere-robot stile 'Roomba'????

    No davvero, il mezzo é chiaramente sottodimensionato rispetto agli omini e la colpa é di quei coglioni che credono che nel futuro i mezzi militari saranno grossi come macchinette elettriche da campo di golf (come quel coglione della 'combat wombat')...da quando esistono i mezzi blindati e corazzati non fanno che aumetare di dimensioni col passare del tempo, se ci va bene nel prossimo futuro avremo mezzi talmente enormi che un Abrams o un Merkava sembreranno come un Panzer III parcheggiato a fianco a un carro armato attuale, ma no! Loro devono produrre i loro mezzettini, piccolini, e farceli pagare 20 o 30 dollari!

    Io come mezzi futuristici per le miniature in 15mm uso solo carri armati in scala 1:72 e 1:64, sono surdimensionati il giusto!

  2. They are indeed petite, but GZG isn`t to expensive at about 7 euros for a `little tank`.
    The fact she is fully metal of course doesn`t help in the pricing compared to 1/72 kits for example.

  3. Sorry, the Italian title of your blog made me think you were Italian as well,

    however I am glad to see that your irony-meter was active and functioning and prevented you from taking offense at the colorful way I voiced my critique...;D

    still I prefer to use 1/72 and 1/64 metal movels with my 15mm SF figures...sure they cost a bit but they look like the rightful behemoths I foresee the military vehicles of tomorrow to be...

    bye for now,

  4. No problem matey, I understand italian (I have to work a lot with them) but just can`t decently speak it so prefer not to express myself in it apart from asking directions in some city I never been to before for example :)

    I`m Flemish of Irish decent - both infamous for swearing - , so I`m not easily offended as some other `ride the path of righteousness` on some miniature sites, so one can use every colour of language they want here. Well, within the limits of decency for social thingies and such, better known as `common sense`, so no problem at all with the critique was taken.