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The Library of Blue... part two

Which actually rhymes... but that was completely unintentional hehehe

Anyways, as some might know, I`m a collector of the Blue colour of Magic the Gathering, more then a player, and after updating all my checklists today, it turns out that bar things like constructed starter decks, promo cards and the likes, so `normal` Magic, I am down to missing only 6% of all the cards ever printed.

I have some serious binders in other words, or a `Library of Blue` as I tend to call them (being 4 of the large binders, double siding ultrapro 9-card sheets).

But that means 208 of the buggers are still escaping my grasp, namely:

New Phyrexia: Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur

Magic 2012: Phantasmal Image

Lorwyn: Cryptic Command / Jace Beleren / Merrow Reejerey / Scion of Oona / Sower of Temptation

Morningtide: Grimoire Thief / Vendillon Clique

Shadowmoor: Cursecatcher

Eventide: Glen Elendra Archmage / Sanity Grinding / Wake Trasher

Shards of Alara: Memory Erosion / Tezzeret the Seeker

Magic 2010: Jace Beleren / Merfolk Sovereign / Sphinx Ambassador / Time Warp / Traumatize / Twincast

Zendikar: Archive Trap / Mindbreak Trap / Rite of Replication

Rise of the Eldrazi: Coralhelm Commander / Training Grounds

Magic 2011: Frost Titan / Jace Beleren / Leyline of Anticipation / Merfolk Sovereign / Preordain / Stormtide Leviathan / Time Reversal / Traumatize

Odyssey: Extract / Patron Wizard / Standstill / Time Stretch / Traumatize / Upheaval

Torment: Breakthrough / Circular Logic / Llawan, Cephalid Empress

Judgement: Cunning Wish / Spelljack

Onslaught: Blatant Thievery / Future Sight / Wheel and Deal

Legions: Shifting Sliver / Synapse Sliver

Scourge: Brain Freeze / Day of the Dragons / Raven Guild Master / Stifle

Eight Edition: Archivist / Bribery / Coastal Piracy / Concentrate / Daring Apprentice / Evacuation / Giant Octopus / Sage of Lat-Nam / Sea Eagle / Temporal Adept / Tidal kraken / Vizzerdrix

Mirrodin: Fatespinner / Vedalkan Archmage

Fifth Dawn: Beacon of Tomorrows / Bringer of the Blue Dawn

Champions of Kamigawa: Time Stop

Betrayers of Kamigawa: Disrupting Shoal / Kira, the Great Glass-spinner / Threads of Disloyalty

Saviors of Kamigawa: Erayo, Soratamo Ascendant / Eternal Dominion / Sakashima the Imposter / Twincast

Ninth Edition: Battle of Wits / Cowardice / Evacuation / Levitation / Plagiarize / Rewind / Tidal Kraken / Trade Routes / Traumatize / Vizzerdrix

Ravnica: City of Guilds: Followed Footsteps / Remand

Dissension: Cytoplast Manipulator / Spell Snare

Time Spiral: Ancestral Vision / Deep Sea Kraken / Teferi, mage of Zhalfir / Trickbind

Time Spiral Timeshifted: Lord of Atlantis

Planar Chaos: Aeon Chronicler / Body Double / Serra Sphinx

Future Sight: Magus of the Future / Mystic Speculation / Pact of Negation / Venser, Shaper's savant

Tenth Edition: Ambassador Laquatus / Arcanis the Omnipotent / Evacuation / Hurkyl`s Recall / Sky Weaver / Time Stop / Time Stretch / Traumatize / Wall of Air
Seventh Edition: Counterspell / Equilibrium / Evacuation / Lord of Atlantis / Mahamoti Djinn / Mana Short / Opportunity / Opposition / Sleight of Hand

Invasion: Collective Restraint / Fact or Fiction

Nemesis: Rootwater Thief / Submerge

Mercadian Masques: Bribery / Misdirection

Urza`s destiny: Aura Thief / Donate / Treachery

Urza`s Legacy: Tinker

Urza`s Saga: Back to Basics / Energy Field / Fog Bank / Gilded Drake / Great Whale / Morphling / Show and tell / Stroke of Genius / Sunder / Time Spiral / Turnabout / Veiled Sentry

Exodus: Dominating Licid / Ertai, Wizard Adept / Mind over Matter

Stronghold: Dream Halls

Sixth Edition: Counterspell / Desertion / Flash / Lord of Atlantis / Mana Short / Mystical Tutor

Tempest: Chill / Counterspell / Intuition / Meditate / Propaganda / Time Warp / Tradewind Rider

Weatherlight: Paradigm Shift

Visions: Chronatog / Desertion

Fifth Edition: Aether Storm / Air Elemental / Anti-Magic Aura / Brainstorm / Counterspell / Dance of many / Deflection / Drain Power / Forget / Hurkyl`s recall / Juxtapose / Leviathan / Lifetap / Magical Hack / Magus of the Unseen / Mind Bomb / Pirate Ship / Sea Spirit / Sleight of Mind / Stasis / Steal Artifact / Time Elemental / Zur`s Weirding

Mirage: Dissipate / Flash / Mystical Tutor / Polymorph

Coldsnap: Arcum Dagsson / Commandeer / Counterbalance / Rune Snag

Alliances: Force of Will

Ice Age: Illusions of Grandeur

Fourth Edition: Control magic / Counterspell / Hurkyl`s recall / Lord of Atlantis / Magical Hack / Mana Short / Pirate Ship / Relic Bind / Stasis / Thoughtlace / Volcanic Eruption

So should you have something of those and are willing to depart with them, drop me a post down here and we`ll certainly arrange something.

Oh, and since I only play mono-blue in whatever format or style (well, bar drafts and sealed, as you don`t `build` a deck from ones own cards in those), if you got a heap of blues lying around, I might be tempted (easily, I`m weak-willed in all things hobby, it`s called the Wargamer Syndrome) to liberate you off all those as well. I can always use blues to build (or attempt to at least) yet another deck hehehe.

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