dinsdag 6 maart 2012

So... 15mm huh?

Okay, adious muchachos to the New Years resolutions and good intentions, the flesh is weak, and all that kind of stuff, Vandenbrande, just don`t, don`t say anything...

I know I`m getting more and more hooked to a new scale for gaming after having been drooling over some additions that should enter the LPL later on this month. The scale is 15mm, the era I don`t care.

I actually like the overall feel of these littler fellas. The detail is good enough to work with (as 10mm and 6mm are really to tiny to do some small details on) yet small enough to get away with not painting that most horrific thing on a model... the eyes.

Now I admit, I have had a sizeable 15mm force before. Flames of War Italians to be precise, and a serious bunch of models it was

I departed with them years ago when the game ran dry at the Tin Soldiers, but I still have my boxes for my Villers-Bocage british Cromwell force, so I might actually be going to break them open once all planned annual progress is done (see blog sidebar).

But there is more. Years ago, when a store called The Lonely Mountain still existed in Antwerp and the Euro wasn`t even thought of (ECU anyone?) there always where those blister packs of a french game called Demonworld, that intrigued me. Couldn`t use them though in Warhammer (only miniature game I knew back then... so yeah, that long ago) so I never bought them.

Now however, Ral Partha Europe has re-released them and is expanding on them, so I`m starting to turn an eye in that direction again.

And it looks like a great scale to finally start assembling those historic AWI british I always wanted.

Apart from that, they have started actual 15mm sci-fi gaming over at TSA these days as I stated in the previous post, with the Tomorrow`s War rules, and if there is one market 15mm seems to offer a LOT of oddities in it`s that part.

But what are the pro and cons for myself to start doing this scale some more?

+ Storage: I can put more bases in my KR trays then with 28mm
+ Volume: You get on average 3 models for 1 model in 28mm so a force is bulked out faster

- Opponents: never saw te scale really played that much at my local club, whom consist mainly of 28+ gamers.

Decisions decisions... buying!

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  1. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  2. I may switch to 15mm for Tomorrow's wat too and you know why...

    "Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?"
    Cpl Hicks.

  3. Reacties
    1. You filthy Humans all look the same to me mate :-D

  4. 15mm is the way to go, its a hell of a lot more cheaper than 28mm!!!!

  5. Aye, it`s the reason it is pulling my sleeve as the `new projects to try` scale, as it still has better painting challenge then 6mm.

    Only thing so far (more or less) stopping me from going shoppy frenzy is the opponent issue.

    Then again, I stopped counting the amount of games I have lying around and never got or get to be played.


  6. Hold on there! Memory serves me right when i say that some Creepy Corridor fella said he's going 15mm superheroes some time ago! Just waiting on Brother joseph to start casting the models I want.

    Generic Sci-Fi is on the list too, but you know my snailpace .... Uncharted Seas is starting to get there .... after 24 months ;-)

  7. Nah, small scale skirmish games I just keep playing in 30 heroic, I got like, i dunno, 200 heroclixes of whoch about a 100 have been repainted...

  8. Lord, lead us not into temptation, we can find it for ourselves. :). Resolutions are overrated.
    15 mm is a good scale to work in. Fun to paint but fairly forgiving when it's on the table, and fairly affordable to do large forces. Good choice.

  9. There's a good possibility I'm 'switching' to 15mm too for Sci-Fi in the first place, hystorical/fantasy second.
    No way I'm dropping out of those 28mm armies I've got lying around but I'd like to try some generic sci fi like Andy said allthough knowing him he'll paint his army orange and go all Dutch on us again :-p
    For me it'll be either bugs or VSF-like stuff.
    Hopefully it wont go the FWC way due to some guys :-/

  10. Hence I stick to my sesolution to organise no big things anymore.