dinsdag 27 maart 2012

YES, going to make it to Salute after all

It took some networking, heaven and earth where moved and blood, sweat and tears shed, but I managed it...

... I WILL be able to attend Salute this year after all! Decided like, this morning, to `screw it all, I`m going`, and after some truddling and gubbling I found a hotel after all at a decent price of 155 euros incl. breakfast for a night. The Hilton hotel near the Tower Bridge to boot, 5 stars here we come.

Tip for non regular business travellers: Business hotels are actually cheaper then most normal hotels in weekends, and if you take the time to look around about a month before you go, you can get even greater rates as they have unfilled rooms, and every stayover in a weekend is actually bonus venue for them on their monthly revenue.

Okay, so i`ll have to travel by Eurostar, arriving in London around 16hrs local on the friday and leaving again saturday at 19hrs local, not the usual 5-day trip I prefer but it was that or nothing.

I might even meet my idol there ;)

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  1. If you drop by the TSA game and ask if they know where I am, I`m probably in the one direction they aren`t pointing ;)

    Surely can be arranged, but it IS at own risk and eye damage is NOT refunded by the insurance teeheeheee