zondag 11 maart 2012

Andorians - Lead Painter`s League round 1

And so the LPL has started again this year. And by God, if I looked at the roster, it is going to be a `Champions League` edition of the contest, I`m going to be glad if I can escape from the bottom 10 this year.

Round 1 started with a defeat, as my Andorians were beaten by a heap of old school Slann. The theme round this year in round 1 was old metal, meaning for bonus points the entry needed to be 1) metal and 2) produced before 1991.

I managed that with these Andorians from Heritage, the blister stamped 1978 (yes, my birth year) and as such even had the oldest entry of the whole first round. Moral victory to moi lol. Still, 97 vs 327 defeat this round.

I don`t expect much for the comming rounds, as I misinterpreted the scenery and background new rulings, and as said in the BSL yesterday, the camera really has had it, it just can`t get any more `zoomed in` then as on this picture, and even then it all starts to blur even and the needed resizing doesn`t do them any good either. I really am going to need to invest in a new one for the next year...

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