zondag 25 maart 2012

TSA Annual ACW weekend 2012: Day 2

And so we arrive at the second day of the Battle of Stone`s River. It is New years Day and the Emancipation Proclamation has gone into effect, eliminating all possible interference of Great Britain on the side of the Confederacy.

As the day draws first light (a very early one to boot, bloody daylight savings time) the forces start their advances. Today the Union has planned to make the push to go from the stalemate draw they had secured yesterday, to a victory now that reinforcements have arrived.

The South still hasn`t moved through the centre, leaving two divisions sitting idly and not taking part in the battle. The bit they would start to do during the day would turn out to be to little, far to late.

In the meantime, Second Corps is racing to the right flank, my commander Negley collecting each and every battery along the way to recreate one of Napoleon Bonaparte`s `Grande Batteries` and relieve the hard pressed divisions there. However, by the time the battery was formed (no less then 11 batteries numbering 31 sections in total) the enemy had withdrawn and yielded the fords, to withdraw into the nearby forest and take up a strong defensive position to secure the hill.

On the other flank, the Third Corp has decimated the Confederate resistance there and secured White House, and starts to file towards the centre, leaving a small but still numerical superior force to face the remaining confederate troops.

In the centre, there is no breakthrough as the two lines consolidate towards each other, and the battle comes to a halt as lines are drawn. This resulted in a victory for the Union (albiet only just), with the knowledge that if more time would pass by, the confederate losses would start to outweigh the Union`s even more and the balance would keep swinging further and further in the Union`s favour.

Join me again tomorrow morning for the final part with the credentials et all... but I`m totally knackered know and going to make it a very early night.

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