donderdag 1 maart 2012

Greetings from Room 205

So I'm still tied down in a hospital bed, which is a real bugger and a bore. But the good thing is, single room, lap top, and scores of anime series and movies to watch so I finally can catch up on the 'still to watch' list.

Galbladder is a gonner after last week's surgery, though complications involving it's channels and the pancreas that has an infection now makes me cluttered in this room, but heck, enough doomsy-woomsy, this ain't stopping me from my hobby, the noble art of wargaming and boring you out of your skulls with my brabbling.

For there is good news! Being in the hospital ain't all that bad, and mostly due to this:

Okay, maybe not exactly like that, but believe me, there are some close matches around on this ward. I guess 'heart attack due to testoron levels' probably will be next on my list...

But spending time here does have had me thinking... a lot... about how I love my hobby and miss my brushes.

And that I have stopped clearing out bits boxes and unused, never to be used stuff. I'm going to toss all that lead, plastic and resin of died off projects in big plastic - yes, I learned my lessons of garages and cardboard boxes with the Wood Elves and Chaos Dwarfs - containers untill

1. a project does come along in the future in which they can be used
2. I can use them to convert things
3. I just feel like painting them

I reached that conclusion when I saw that this years was 'word of Tolkien' and I had to ail order figures for the bonus points

Realizing I did at Crisis 2003 Helm's Deep with gaming buddy Jo, so here are some pictures of the old box, and that all the defenders and a third of the uruk-hai where my models... it is a bit sour that one does no longer have figures for it.

But there is more. I'm going to focus back a bit on the art of learning to sculpt decently after the hut I did about a year ago. I liked doing that little thingie, but with all those projects getting of or not, I just haven't come around to taking up the toothpick again. And I have learned the hard way now what stress can do to a body...

It's going to be terrain at first, then once I got a finished set of 3 - 5 models I'm going to look for a caster to build me my own sculpted terrain. Should be a pretty cool feel to play...

But the most important piece of news... thanks to the helpfullness of Prof Witchheimer and celphone guided work from my dad to look around in my home pc, I managed to get my pictures for the first three rounds to here and enter the Lead Painter's League again which starts the comming week.

It's turning out to be a real giant battle this year, only 2 or 3 of all the previous top contenders seem to be missing from the entry roster, so I think my 'first half of the table, win half my matches' will be a tat very overambitious, but I will fight to the skin of my teeth.

And to go for the shortest entry name ever...

So from next week on, your going to be able to read here all about my face being thrudded in the mud, but no worries on that, it motivates to paint a diversity of models and try to be original. I just hope my mail order for the round 10 large model gets sorted out or I'll have to look for a plan B

Ciao ciao, I'm back off to the

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  1. Nice pictures of Helm's Deep.

    And you are one lucky sod. I was hospitalized 10 months ago and the nurses looked nothing like that :-D

    Best wishes and good luck in LPL.