woensdag 21 maart 2012

Splintered Light 15mm Wood Elves for HOTT have arrived

And the road to redemption and into 15mm goes on, as yesterday my order for my very first Fantasy miniatures came in.
The models come from Splintered Light Miniatures, and I must say I`m very impressed by the quality of the sculpts. They do require a little flash clean up, mostly around swords and bows but I consider this only normal on such small miniatures. I`ve seen heroic 32s with a lot more work to be done on them...

So I sorted out the models I ordered (a small force deal, a maiden on unicorn and a set of Maiden Guard) and should be able to start building my force around this:

15mm HOTT Sylvanesti

Elven Maiden on Unicorn (Magician)
Hero with Command Group (Hero)
Heroic Characters (Paladin)
Elven Priestess (Cleric)
3 units of Elven Maiden Guard (Spears)
2 units of Swordsmen (Blades)
2 units of Spearmen (Spears)
1 unit of Wood Trolls (Warband)
5 units of Archers (Shooters)

Afterwards, I can expand on some units (more Wood Trolls for one) and add some extra things to it like their newest wood elf models they just released, Elk cavalry definitly is on the list, as is a Treeman and some Faun from the woodland range for a bit of variety in the looks of the force.

Their Blog is also on my blogroll (the fantasy one) so for those intrested, take a peek over there as well, as it features all the new projects being worked on.

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