dinsdag 27 maart 2012

With Bow and Blade: Council of Wizards

Okay, so I gave my 15mm HOTT force project to be a name, With Bow and Blade after some RP book I have lying around detailing the society and race of, you guessed it, the Wood Elves.

I painted up the second element of the force, the Wizard, which consists of a Maiden on a Unicorn, a Wizard by foot and their heroic bodyguard. After all, a single 15mm figure on a 4 by 4 cm base would look really empty, but I decided to stick to the basing conventions mentioned in the rulebook. Models are from Splintered Light, the maiden is sold seperatly whilst the other two come from the heroes pack.

My Magister Militum bases arrived today as well, I ordered enough of the black plastic bases to not only accomodate this force, but also the next project(s) like the Cathaginians. And after all, one can never have to much bases now does he.

And here is the force all based up (minus the stronghold, still not decided to go for a `Tree of Life` or for a `Stonehenge` style glade), I`ll post the picture of this one each time the force gets expanded more and more, but first I still have to finish about two rounds of LPL entries before I can get in full swing to this army.

Which brings me to conclude that I need a...

Change of Plans

Instead of painting hotspotch things, I guess that starting after the League I`m going to have to `prioritise` some projects.

I`m going to try to paint up each month at least one of the following EACH:

* 1 regiment of American Civil War in 28mm
* 1 regiment of Chaos Dwarfs
* About minimum 20 models in 15mm from whatever I`m working on that month

Only after each time those are done will I endeavour in other models

That`s a lot of painting to do each month I realise, but it will make a massacre of the Lead Painter`s Vow counter for sure and it should get my armies primed and ready in a decent amount of time.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice miniatures and good luck on the vows :-))

  2. Looking good! Seeing all this 15mm goodness makes me want to have a go at it myself!

    As far as the stronghold goes, a tree of life would look superb but a henge would be easier to make!

  3. The first weekend of April I`m next to Verschooten anyways for the Antwerp MtG Open, I`ll probably drop by there to have a peak around and see if I can find anything to `kick off` the stronghold