zaterdag 17 maart 2012

Vongalazthag Violators 2 - The Mummy Roadshow (Returns) 0

Okay, my first match of the TSA Blood Bowl League 2012, and we had to take on an Undead team with already 3 wins and a loss under it`s belt, granting them already a nice array of skills and me an inducement of 120k... good for an extra re-roll.

But what was more, the team was coached by The Nemesis himself. High stakes for a first game.

It started all sour, when his first block by a mummy landed a Dawi with a smashed hip, causing him to miss next match and reducing his movement by 1. Okay, could live with that.

But that was about it for the dead blokes, sheer luck (on my side) and fumbling ball pick uppers (on his side), made that the game was played for 3/4ths of the match on his half of the field.

My Bull Centaur Thunder Hoof thrudged through his line in the first time scoring the 1 - 0 and did that again with his companion centaur in the second, then stalling for 4 turns to let time pass and send some of his players to the KO box and letting the track marker slide along.

Other highlight: Bob. Twice in a row he smacked a Mummy down on his own with double defender downs, before on the third heroic attempt getting knocked over and badly hurt. Valiant Bob, star of the team.

But with one turn to go, I scored the second goal again with Thunder Hoof (leaving him with a Block skill after the match) and secured a 2 - 0 win, something even a small Riot couldn`t change anymore.

At the end I had one serious injured dawi, 2 badly hurt Hobgoblins and one goblin KO, while he had a wight that regenrated from a serious injury and 3 KO`s. He hit harder, we played faster. And recruted the mighty Hercules with the wins afterwards (aka, a fifth Hobgoblin) so we`re with twelve for the next match when I need to miss one Dawi.

One odd thing I noticed though... dwarf blockers go down and get armour beaten on average every two blocks (luckily, mostly stuns), while Hobgoblins dance from high strength blocks like pretty ballerina`s. Time to recruit them to the full 8 to complete the roster and annoy the hell out of my opponents with that bunch of sneaky gitz.

Not to bad a campaign start then, and the first points are in. And we came out rather unscathed to boot, a hugh bonus for a starting team, now rated 107 as even more fans flocked to the team.

Special thanks also to Lunamaria Hawke, my excellent re-roll counter lass aka mascot.
And thats another victory chalked up versus `The Nemesis`, now scoring 2-1 in my favor teeheehee...

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