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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review #34: Harpy Valentine

Been a while since I did one of these, but at 50 - 100 euros average for a Myth cloth, one does not shop them as candy in the candy store.
This morning, my newest aquisition fell in my postbox (well, actually it was delivered at an ungodly early hour, the courier ringing me awake. Must be Hades`s doing...).

Valentine of the Harpy is one of Hades 108 Specters, awoken to wage the Holy War upon the (few remaining) Saints of Athena. One of the four Specters apart from the Judges of Hell to be reknowned for their power, Valentine seems to be the one in charge of bringing fallen enemies to the icy prison of Cocytus.

However, when he disposed of Seiya here and tried to take the Athena cloth from the Pegasus saint, who then went on to defeat the Harpy spectre by igniting and focussing all of his Cosmo in a single kick, shattering the surplice.

So with the model being the latest of the releases by Bandai / Tamashii and conveniently released on valentine`s day, here is my take on it.

The model itself is a fairly straightforward build, with not to much difference between the object and armour modes in jiggling parts around. As most cloths, the leg, arm and chest parts are die cast, the smaller pieces are cast in plastic.

The pity part, not due to the model again but due to `moi`, is that without one of the Bandai stands it is rather impossible to pose him in his signature 'Greed of Life' attack. The weight of the wings is to heavy for this if you spread them open, and he tends to topple backwards then, so I just posed him in a normal position.

The face is great! Valentine has that slight insane edge to him if you see him in the Seiya battle, and one of the two possible faces has him with mouth open and a rather scary look in his eyes. The other face shows him as cocky as he comes across being amongst the stronger of the spectres.

Colouring then. I think Bandai did a swell job on this one, apart from my eternal debate with myself about the actual colour of a surplice, as the model has a rich blueish purple hue and doesn`t look to different from the box presented model.

All in all, a great model and certainly worth it`s money, even though I`m not a spectre fan (I`ll take the God Warriors any day, thank you...), and I`m gonna credit this one with a nice and juicy 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Oh, one small note to Bandai though, you might want to look over your japanese / english translation team...

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