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TSA Annual ACW weekend 2012: Epilogue

As written by `Concrete Wall` Murrath, general of the Union and not stunting this year but obediently sticking to the plan...

And so another year has passed and all that is left is to look back and conclude the weekend was once more a great fun affair and heaps of fun.

Even though we are all winners in ventures like this, game wise the Union took the victory due to being better prepared and having a more rigid battle plan, sticking through it all the way no matter what opportunities arose druing the two days of battle, and now bringing perfect balance to the `roll of honour`

2008: Gettysburg - Confederate Victory - I did not participate
2009: Antietam - Confederate Victory - joined in on day 2 as Col Hofmann
2010: Second Bull Run - Draw - General J. P. Hatch
2011: First Bull Run - Union Victory - Colonel A. E. Burnside
2012: Stone`s River - Union Victory - Brigade General J. S. Negley

The great benefit where that there where hardly any rules discussions, only at the end of the second day some arose, but no-one smacked someone in the head at the end so I think we can say it all went well on that part.

So here we have it, the final positions on the table as seen from all four corners of the battlefield.

This is all possible thanks to the following people, from left to right:

Top row: Erwin (GM), Andre (organiser), Dirk (GM) and Christophe (GM)
Bottom row: Patrick R. (photographer), Patrick S. (provided ALL the miniatures), Johan (bartender) and Ronnie (cook).

Yes, COOK, we wehere well provided during the weekend:

But let us not forget the valiant, yet delussional Southern generals who tried to fight for their independance:

Top row: Çois, Richard, Ian, Erik and Paul
Bottom row: Eddy (CiC), Jozef, Willie and Kevin

And the losses they suffered during this campaign:

But as you all know, in the end they all had to leave the battlefield robbed of their dreams, as the coherent chain of command and well executed plan of the Union swung over the table, led by these gallant officers.

Top row: George, Wim, Bart, Liam, Guido and Peter
Bottom row: Eddy, Willem (CiC), Dirk and myself (the only politically appointed general present)

And the losses they suffered:

And now the road to 2013 has begun, the year of 150 years of Gettysburg and the idea our organisers are working with is to refight the second day of the battle, with both flank actions going on. The table should become expanded with an extra fourth one of the one used this year, and the miniature count would go up from 3000+ to 9000+... that`s trippling forces.

Understandably, that means we all are going to have to chip in a bit, so expect over the comming moths to see at least one regiment of blue coats appear on this blog on a monthly basis. It`s the smallest I can do to help out in this ultimatly great, fun and epic battle.

Though for the organisers sake, he better make sure I have 2nd Brigade of II Coprs during gettysburg then or I`ll be starting my own `Troubles`.

And for the Confederacy, not all is lost as they still hold some land...

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  1. Fantastic report of a truely wonderful game. Very very well done lads!

  2. It`s great fun, but in the end I`m always kind of relieved it`s gone by for another year. These kind of endevours leave you a bit drained and tired the day after.

  3. An excellent report, a very enjoyable read and some fantastic figures and terrain, love the classic 19th century poses in the photos too, the rebel Jozef, made me chuckle with his pose.

  4. Aye, had another one where he couldn`t keep his laughter, but unfortunatly his neighbour was to blurred to use that one

  5. Come on Tomsche put the pic up anyway!!

  6. Wish I could, deleted it of the memory card as `not good`

  7. Great report of an even greater event! Next year I just have to come and see this for myself!

  8. Found her