vrijdag 23 maart 2012

TSA Annual ACW weekend 2012: the Prelude

So it is upon us, the annual mass American Civil War battle weekend. More then 5000 miniatures in scale 28mm, a humongous table, and about 30 participants including judges and support people.

This year, we move to the Western Theatre, after having fought Gettysburg (Confederate victory), Second Bull Run (Confederate victory), Antietam (Draw, but just a point short of a Union victory) and First Bull Run (Union victory). I only got `fully` involved since Antietam, so this is the third year I will be fully fighting for Uncle Abe.

The battle is Stone`s River, or Mursfreeboro, Tennessee. The army of the Cumberland under Rosencrans gets involved with the Army of Mississippi under Braxton Bragg. Historically, victory went to the Union as the Army of the Cumberland refused to withdraw, so will history repeat itself over the comming weekend, or does the Western offensive take a whole turn around?

I will take the role of J.S Negley, once more a general that survived the war, who commands the Second Division Centre, under overall command of George H. Thomas, and commanding the following regiments:

* 1st Brigade - Spears: 1st and 2nd Tennessee, 14th Michigan, 85th Illinois and 10th Wisconsin Battery

* 2nd Brigade - Stanley: 19th Illinois, 11th Michigan, 18th and 69th Ohio

* 3rd Brigade - Miller: 37th Indiana, 21st and 74th Ohio, 78th Pensylvania

* Artillery: Kentucky Battery B, 1st Ohio Batteries G and M

I will be (tradionally it seems) appearing on the battlefield rather late, unless I roll just great (which I never do), BUT I already have a pretty nice `annual stunt` or my other tradition, in mind this year.

Roll forward the guns and prepare the lines, the game is afoot!

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