vrijdag 1 mei 2015

The Starmax Bet: Update 3

Okay, I have been (forced to) slacking on this the past month.

Holidays, medical issues, a lot of other things have made it so that I had a lot to do outside of being able to trade around a lot, but where back on track this month.

There have been some shifting around though, and all in all, though not really where I wanted to be by now, it is going in the right direction and I *hope* May will see a nice bump upwards towards this.

From the situation half of March, I have mamaged to get the Scuderia Truck traded away for 9 euro, which by then gave me a total open budget of 12.41 euro.

This has been `re-invested` in the following toys and tools for the working out of the bet further:

* a set of small micro cars, one of which is an actual Galoob, for 0.25 euro

* a G1 Takara Cosmos Transformer for 3.51 euro

* a Dino Rider Protoceratops with Kanon figure, nearly complete, for 4.50 euro

* 6 Dino Rider figures for 4 euro, of which two are already gone again for 3.70 euro, leaving me with Antor, Sky, Sting and Turret figures left.

* a set of 4 still working GI Joe backpacks with sound effects for 1.00 euro

All this moving around now gets me at this point in the bet:

1 Lion King Game
1 Kre-O Bumblebee kit
a set of 4 small toy cars
4 Dino Rider characters
a Dino Rider Protoceratops
4 GI Joe Backpacks
A remaining budget of 2.85 euro

Now, I *hope* to score some relative big steps with the backpacks and the Protoceratops in particular, and build upwards on those then to get in a good pace and still pull this off, but getting to an average trade value of 300 USD is still a long way off, meaning with the 8 months remaining I should be going upwards of around 35 euro A MONTH with these items as a starting point...

It`s going to be a hard challenge for sure!

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