vrijdag 2 september 2016

A Long-Expected Party

Finally I build a "habitat" module for our BeLUG club project "LEGO: Mijn Hobby" (my hobby).

And it actually took quite some brainstorming before settling on "what" I wanted to represent in it...

Now, the full technical details on what they have to be like can be found here on the BeLUG's blog Club Projects page, but the general idea is that you make something what you love about the Lego hobby, being it making mosaics, trading, collecting, just playing... whatever your imagination fancies.

So I kept churning ideas in my head, and then I finally got it.  I came out of my Dark Ages due to Lego having a Lord of the Rings line, so I thought nothing better then depicting the very first scene of the epic work, where Frodo sits by a creek and reading a book.

Yeah yeah, I know in the movies there is the whole prelude with the battle, but the "adventure" begins at this particular moment.

I wanted to create some forced perspective in it with the sun at the top, the blue sky meeting the gentle sloping hills of The Shire, and the creek that flows away into the horizon.

To that end, I also downscaled the tree (it had to fit within the box's dimensions).

I must say, I'm actually really cool with how it all turned out, it was fun to do and now I`m on par with the Club Projects builds... for now ;-)

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