dinsdag 27 september 2016

Voltron: Legendary Defender

I was 6 years old when I watched the original back in 1984, and loved the "series with those lions".

Now, 32 years later, Netflix ran the first season of the remake, produced by Dreamworks


When Shiro returns to Earth after being AWOL for a year, he and some students at the galactic command want to go and search for the others that where on the scientific expedition.  They see something falling from the sky as the rest of Earth learns they are not alone in the universe.
While looking for the crashed vessel, they stumble upon a gigantic blue mechanical lion.  This transports them across the universe where they learn they have been chosen to become the paladins of Voltron, the mightiest weapon in the universe.

They must find and pilot the remaining lions, in order to form the giant robot and battle Zarkon's evil Galra empire with the aid of the last remaining Altheans, princess Allura and her aid Corzan.

Soon they learn how to form the mighty machine and the Castle of Lions takes off to try and stop the evil forces.


This was a great first season, and ending with a cliffhanger, the thirst for more is present, and a second series has been confirmed.
I liked the animation, though I still prefer the more japanese anime style over the american equivalent, but never the less it is strongly drawn and the characters are okay, from serious Shiro all the way down to comical relief Coran.

Another good thing in my opinion is that the heroes are vulnerable, and they still need to learn to control Voltron, getting bumped around often.  Though they carry the day, it also helps that not every episode the robot is formed and solves it quickly.
And the first episode after the one hour pilot... hilarious!  Loved the cheerleader stacking attempt, but you have to watch the series to get that.

Rating: 7 / 10

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