zondag 4 september 2016

Classic Lego Build: 4801 / 4811 Defense Archer

Today's build report is one from 2000, from the Kingdoms I range within the Castle theme.

It's one of those sets that nowadays would be a polybag, counting only 10 pieces and a figure, but came in a small box back then.

The minifigure sports a fine moustache, and a gorgeous torso.

The base of the build are two green plates of 4x4.

On top of these, a turntable is then added.

Two bricks with a hole on the side are added to place the crossbows in, while a crossaxle slot technic brick goes above for the shield.

And the full set completed:

This is a truly simple set, yet it has it`s charms and some great elements with the torso and the shield in particular.  You can find these pretty cheap usually, and I tend to pick them up over and over again.

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