vrijdag 23 september 2016

Star Wars Chronicles of the Force

The most recent DK publishing book related to Star Wars, this tome is updated to include the minifigs and sets from The Force Awakens and it's current range.

It`s basically an update of the previous "force related" lego book...

Now, the book follows the by now well known pattern of their publishings, in that you get pages detailing some of the figures and sets, as well as small "games" to do.  Remember these books are aimed at a younger audience then your average AFOL.

Like all books, it also comes with a minifigure, this time not being a "named character" like a Luke or an Emperor, but the rather generic Unkar's Brute.  It has a cool headprint, but I doubt the pure collector value of this figure is limited.
Is it the best book they made?  Nah, but it's okay in the Legobrary, though the figure is a bit of a let down.  I think personally a Rey or a Poe or such would have been nicer...

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