maandag 5 september 2016

Classic Lego Build: 7009 The Final Joust

Another Castle set today, as we get one of the Fantasy range of sets, released in 2007.

Albeit small at 50 odd pieces, is does come with some great minifigures as this set tells the tale of the undead knight and the heroic knight jousting it out.

They also come with their mounts, a heavily barded one for our hero, and a black skeletal horse for the undead.

We start the jousting barrier on a 2x3 brown plate.

By the way of grey arched bricks, these are conneted to each other along the whole length of the barrier.

Using gold top elements and dark blue jumpers, decorations are added.

We also build a small weapons rack for this set, using brown corner plates as feet and decorations along the style of the jousting barrier.

And the full set completed:

It`s a simple set, but apart from the blue jumpers and the golden triangles, also features some excellent minifigures, making it worth the purchase.

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