zaterdag 24 september 2016

Pirate: Privateer - Tim Severin

A few years after the original trilogy of Pirate, detailing the "semi-historical" adventures of Hector Lynch, a fourth volume was released.

A sort of a wrap up of the rollercoaster that was the first series, this book fits in nicely with the style and tone of the original books.


We pick up the story of Hector and Maria, together with his friends, when they live in the Carribean.  In order to make a living, they are looting wrecks on the Vipers, when they are discovered by a spanish merchant.  Disabling their ship to make their escape, this is considered an act of piracy in the colonies, and soon they are captured.
The band of friends are enlisted by the governor of Jamaica to discover a fillibustier, De Graff, and they set out to confront this notorious sailor.  It works out not so well, but in the meantime Maria has set out to find her missing husband.


A good closure to the story, and it involves the great tsunami that hit Port Royal in that age as well.  The story is as sweeping as it's predeccessors, albeit perhaps a bit shorter.  Maybe the biggest drwback in this final book is that the roles of Jezreel and Jacques in particular have been backbenched a lot, as it focusses mostly on the titular character and his wife. 

But for anyone who likes those historical drama's like Blake Sails and such, this has been a good read once again.

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