zaterdag 3 september 2016

Captain America: Civil War

The latest gem from the MCU, the film raised high expectations because of it`s shared title with possibly one of the best ever Marvel crossover titles.

While the story is radically different from the comic version, this is a great piece of entertainment for sure!


When Crossbones tries to steal a highly toxic gas in Lagos, the Avengers interfere.  Unfortunatly, this goes accidentally wrong by the Scarlet Witch'es doing, causing many civilian casualties.  As a direct result, the Sokovia Accords are drawn up, in which the Avengers would come under control of the United Nations.

During the signings though, it seems as the Winter Soldier planted a bomb, destroying the building in Vienna and causing casualties amongst the high dignitaries, including the king of Wakanda.
Soon, the mysterious Black Panther hunts Winter Soldier, and even with Cap`s interference they are caught none the less.  While Iron Man backs the accords, Cap opposes them fully, leading to a shism within the Avengers.
A mysterious man called Zemo is working his scheme in all secrecy though, and it is soon revealed that he seemingly wants to reawaken five other, upgraded, winter soldiers to bring down an empire.
As Cap and Bucky want to travel to Siberia, a mighty hero battle ensues on the airport, putting heroes of both sides against each other, but in the end and thanks to Black Widow, they both escape.

They travel to Siberia, as does Iron Man and Black Panther.  They find the other winter soldiers slain, and then learn the truth as Zemo shows footage of how Bucky assassinated his parents.  Tony and Steve battle it out, but Cap gets the upperhand and disappears with Bucky.


While not as truly epic as the comic line of the same name, and the Sokovia accords having come about by other means then how it happened with the Registration Act from those books, this still is a good movie.
High paced chases, spectacular battles and effects, and the drama as loyalties are being torn apart make it the crowning gem of the franchise so far. 
Add to that the humour of Ant-Man and the appearance at last of Spider-man, who plays a far bigger role then was expected at first, and you have a rightfull blockbuster for this year.

Rating: 8 / 10

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