dinsdag 27 september 2016

Macross Delta

Set 8 years after it's predecessor Macross Frontier, Delta is the newest series in this mecha / music franchise.

But can it beat the incredibly high benchmark set by Frontier?


Hayate Immelman comes into contact with a girl named Freya, a Windermerian.  Together they travel to ragna where Freya wants to join the tactical sound unit CHAOS, and their girlband Walkure.
Hayate in the meantime enlists as a pilot, tasked to protect Freya when she gets enlisted from enemies on the battlefield.

However, Windemere is looking for revenge against a dimensional weapon used by NUNS (the former UN Spacy) and throught the song of the wind they look for the Star Singer that can activate the ancient protoculture structures in the galaxy.
When a war breaks out, Walkure is send all over the sector to try and contain a disease that spreads as a result of these vocal attacks, and counter it with their own singing.
Mikumo, the lead singer of Walkure, is revealed to be genetically engineered and Roid, first commander of Windemere kidnaps her to make her the Star Singer. 


No.  That`s the short answer, it doesn`t even come close to Frontier.  While it has the virtues of still fantastic animations, two strengths typical for Macross seem to be missing in this series.
The first and foremost: an epic, bombastic soundtrack.  Walkure lacks the punch of Ranka and Sheryll's Lion from Frontier, or Planet dance from Fire Bomber in Macross Seven.  I admit, the music evolves with the timeperiod the series is released in, and teenage bands are more of a thing then the rock pop music of the era Seven came out, but I`m not a fan of this band.
A second integral part that is missing is the typical, strong love triangle.  Here, it was clear Freya and Hayate are an item in denial, while "rival" Mirage Jenius (yep, family off...) played a big backseat role in this.

On the other hand, the way the mysterious merchant explains how all Macross series so far are part of one big continuity was a huge top episode, and a strong point compared to for example Gundam with it's gazillion alternate timelines.

Rating: 5.5 / 10

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