donderdag 29 september 2016

Work in Progress: Buckleberry Ferry

Okay, so thanks to the sorting work by "Padawan Mum" I could build calmly this afternoon, and I must say I got a lot more finished then anticipated.

I would have been glad if I just would have done the wooden raft, or ferry...

But I got on a roll, and apart from the ferry, I managed the house nearby including a try out of the "thatched roof with hands" technique for the first time.  I also "plate build" the walls to give it a more realistic texture.

The sides of the water where then completed next.

I also managed to include the big tree that stood near the pier, and the detailing on the floor.

All in all, this meant I actually completed the build bar the minifigures, I still need to trade or order some more Hobbits and the horse for the Ringwraith, but bar those things the whole thing is completed :-)

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