zaterdag 17 september 2016

Classic Lego Build: 4806 Axe Cart

A small set from the Kingdoms I range today on the menu :-)

The Axe Cart, set 4806, was released in 2000 and is a small polybag sized (though back then, they came in boxes) set of 24 parts and a minifigure.

That minifigure wears the distinct helmet of the range, and has a rather strange face though.

The cart itself begins with a grey 4x4 plate and a technic brick.

Adding another brick at the other side, we can include the wheel axles, as well as plating it up for the details.

Using a slope, the bodywork is build up while one of those gorgeous bull design shields go at the front.

Two long poleaxes are added in front, where the cart lend it's name from, while crossbows are mounted on top.  Historically, these sort of carts where a small mobile ballista, while the poles served to protect them from a frontal charge of a horseman.

Adding round bricks, we are all done and the set stands completed:

It`s a nice little thingy, even thoug it isn`t one of the most spectacular small sets ever brought out by Lego.  But none the less, you can find these cheap, and they make nice additions to Castle lay-outs...

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