zondag 11 september 2016

The Haul Report # 46

Another week, another stack of goodies for the collection :-)

Though it has been a really modest week this time round, as I`m more in the process at the moment of sorting stuff and with the ship moc being completed earlier this week.

This small lot was purchased on BrickLink because of the most recently added clubproject, Disney`fying a Star wars vehicle (though heck, isn`t it already a Disney vehicle these days?).  To that end, I bought some used instructions for the old Skyhopper, so I can go from there, and some small stuffsies to get to the minimum purchase requirement.

Another BrickLink parcel was the final sail I needed to complete my frigate earlier this week, so nothing to fancy about this one.

The last thingie I obtained where these two Indiana Jones russian soldiers and an uruk-hai, whom I traded for a Nightwing minifigure that was just lying around here anyways.

Nothing flashy or rare as such this time round, and until next week!

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