zondag 25 september 2016

The Haul Report # 48

Hello everyone, here I am again with the weekly oversight of stuff I managed to acquire for my collections.

Now, I didn`t include all the figures I traded together at last weekend's BeLUG clubday, but apart from those I picked up some stuff left and right as well.

The first one is this new set for the Doctor Strange movie that is soon coming out, starring Benedict Cumberbatch.  It`s the only tie-in set to the movie, and I really like it, containing some great figures and a nice setting.  I received this set as a thanks from Lego Benelux for exposing at this years Mechelen Speelstad, a nice token of appreciation!

This heap of Shell Polybags was a gift from my mum.  They went to Spain on holiday, and during one of the busstops in France she came across a Shell station that had these bags still lying around, so she brought home a stack of them, priced at only 2.5 euro per polybag. 

Totally not Lego related is this gun, the second half of the one I needed to complete my Modulex Masters of the Universe figure I found a while ago and have been completing with the two missing limbs and the two part weapon, making a fantastic trade token for the future.

I also received some small Brick Link orders this week.  The first one was to prevent a voucher from running out, and the trader had a black musket.  Topped with some studs for streets and water, this was a small order I made.

The second one contained the inverted corner slopes in brown, whom I need for my Buckleberry Ferry moc.  I didn`t have a single one of these, and need 4.   However, the fella had 8 in stock, was closeby for minimal shipping, so I took them all and can now proceed on building the ferry itself.

The last thing I got was a few wins through Facebook.  I scored yet two more Lake Guard polybags (making 4 in a week with the clubday trades), as I got both of them for 11.50 total.  I also won his two ACW figures to top it all out, and in a way this puts the two big MOC plans for 2017 nicely together in a single picture: an historical ACW build and the ever continuing building on Middle Earth.

A very good week indeed, and see you all next time!

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