donderdag 1 september 2016

Civil War Battles

As someone who always had a soft spot for the ACW or American Civil War, I recently been watching the 7 episode Civil War Battles documentary series.

Produced about a decade ago, it was narrated by Dale Reed and follows the historical flow of the North vs South war, putting the Union against the Confederacy.

While the screen quality might look a bit dated, not being made for widescreen television, it does feature great re-enactment scenes for the various battles that are featured, and half a dozen historians provide comments on the events.
It details not only the battles, but how the generals, usually inexperienced commissions, often blundered about, or how the way of warfare changed with the advent of trenches, ironclads, logistics...

It`s a really good series to watch if you`re a military history intrestee, and I definitly enjoyed it!

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