dinsdag 20 september 2016

Dark Matter season 2

While it won`t be remembered as one of sci-fi's great, the only series of recent years I saw for that title was Teh expanse, this is a good show.

I kind of compared it to the british classic Blake 7 last year, and this year, well, it only becomes more so actually.


We left of last season with the crew of the Raza being captured by Six, who was before the mind wipe a Galactic Authority officer.  In jail, they quickly try to escape, and do so in the end thanks to Six again, even though without Corso.  He has been executed by the man he wanted to copy and find...

The crew does get some new additions though, but one of them is quickly revealed as being an undercover agent.  It turns out the chip Five stole before boarding the Raza, is the plan for a Blink drive engine, allowing immediate transport anywhere.  Including the obligatory alternate dimension jump of course...
When some of the crew recover their memories but have to redelete them, Four saves and fixes them, and rises to the throne of Zairon as it is rightfully his, but in the final episode, he tries a desperate plot to save his nation, even if this costs his former crewmates their lives...


Like I started with, this won`t be remembered as one of the great works of science-fiction, but the fact it really takes inspiration from all over the place makes it a good show to watch and enjoy.  We got some Star Trek influences as the android becomes more aware and human thanks to an illegal emotion ship.  There is the omnious Blake 7 influence with a band of rogues trying to do good and at the same time preserve themselves, and the changing cast.  And of course we go alternate dimension travelling like any sci-fi series seems to do.
I think the cast additions where decent replacements, and the fact some of the characters develop really well as we learn their true pasts, but the season also has some weak episodes in between them.  Boone is turning out to be like the best develloped character, especially his "blast from the past" feature episode.

Only pity is we know they survive the cliffhanger, as the series is already renewed for a third season coming to us in 2017 :-)

Rating: 6 / 10

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