vrijdag 30 september 2016

Build Report: 75111 Darth Vader

Happy Force Friday everyone, and it would be no less then suitable to build a Star Wars set for the occassion.

Hailing from the range of buildable figures, this was actually the only one I bought.  I don`t like the "necks" on the normal humanoids, but the dark lord of the Sith with his already mechanical look is something entirely else.

In the box we get the instructions, two bags of parts and the large cape.

The body is made up of a skeleton from Technic parts, to which more details will be added later on.

Pins in various lenghts are added to connect it all together, and to have the limbs attached afterwards.

The central body is completed and ready to be expanded on.

It even makes use of a regular droid body :-)

A decorated plate serves as Lord Vader's chestpiece, with all the meters and buttons of his enviromental suit.

Next, the legs are build up, following the style of Bionicle with it;s large, bendable joints elements.

Armour plating is added next to the legs.

We then proceed to the arms, who follow the same basic structure as the legs.

These are then attached under the armoured shoulderpads of the main body.

Next, his large red lightsaber is put together and added to the model.

We then swing the cape over his back.  A sturdy piece of cloth for sure!

The final thing to add is his head and the full build stands completed:

It also came with some additional small pieces:

I really liked this set, even though I`m far from a fan of the whole range.  He has great poseability and looks really nifty on a cabinet or shelf on display.  This is one set I`m really happy with that I bought it!

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