donderdag 22 september 2016

Classic Lego Build: 4819 Rebel Chariot

More Kingdoms I building today, though it'll be the last one of this lot as I now went through the batch of Castle I obtained a year ago and they are all being sorted out into my parts boxes.

The Rebel Chariot is a small set of about 40 pieces, and comes with two minifigures.

Both rebels with the bull head livery, they look like some ruffian troops indeed.

The chariot begins on a black 4x4 plate with slopes added to it.

This is build up to accomodate 2x6 bricks for the main bodywork of the wagon.

Bars are then added to serve as the yokes for the horse, and secured with red tiles.

The horse is then added "inside" the chariot, using a plate at the bottom of the usual brick and plate for the beasts.

The set comes also with part of the chrome equipment to form a "super rebel", this one containing the shield.  Unfortunatly, compared to the other set's elements this one is a decal, pity.

And the full set completed:

It's a nice chariot by design, and way the horse was attached was rather new back then when the set came out, taking a lunge from the old yoke pieces.  The big let down for me was the shield being a decal though, it might have been more intresting to have just a chrome plastic one, even if that would have meant no design on it...

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