dinsdag 6 september 2016

HMS Pendragon

"Quinnsville ahoy!!!" the lookout yelled down from his position high in the front mast. 

"Excellent" admiral Thornmorckton commented.  "This was a smooth journey, double rations of rum to the crew!"

As cheers erupted, Thornmorckton couldn`t stop pondering about the orders he had received.  He was to take the HMS Pendragon, a 6th rate ship of the line, to the small colony of Quinnsville, though he had to admit that the local mayor, Smaugton, was seemingly doing a fantastic job as it was growing steadily in size, more and more colonists flocking to the Banner of the White Bra.

But it was the intention of command to put the big ship there, and to bolster the fleet that has been building up there, and existed mainly as a defence force of former privateer ships.  He was to take command of that little fleet of driftwood, and organise the defences of the harbour.

But why?  There was a naval base nearby, though from the information he had received it seemed that the commander there even considered just visiting it's older neighbour beneath his stature.  Yet, the island seemingly thrived on the export of coffee- and cacaobeans, and while those are exotic goods, he couldn`t imagine what was brewing that a ship of the line needed to be positioned there.

No, something definitly was brewing, and he hoped the major would fill him in further, as he was apparently not on a need to know basis from high command...

She's ready at last, my 6th Rate frigate, complete with the historical accurate gun number of 24 (6th rates carried 24 - 32 guns).  Took my quite a while to build her, but I`m might glad with the result.

For now, she will be moored in Quinnsville for the BoBS game, as the class 6 and above aren`t available yet for licensing, and save up the gold to do so when they are.

Hope you like her, for Queen and Corrington!

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