zondag 4 september 2016

Genesis of Aquarion

The latest mecha anime I watched, this 26 episode series is the original one of the now 3 series counting Aquarion franchise.

It details how the whole story and the vectors, driven by emotions, are first encountered, and the legend of Apollonius.


When Cherubim attack the earth after a millenia long hiatus, a wild boy named Apollo is recruited by DEAVA as he has the seemingly unlimited power of the Solar Wing.  Gen Fudo appears all of a sudden, a warrior of old and takes command of the institute, guiding them to battle the Shadow Angels.
Slowly it is revealed that this wild boy is indeed the reincarnation of the mythical warrior Apollonius, and gradually his control over the Aquarion increases, until he is ready to take on the source of evil.


While the series has awesome music, great animation and the Aquarion is a cool mecha, I wasn`t to wild about the story.  Heck, I love it`s sequel, Aquarion EVOL (where this "crew" makes a return in the story) far more.  I guess it must be the tone of the light hearted moments and filler episodes, which where way stronger in the following series of the franchise, resulting in them their being sweet, while in this series being more of an annoyance.

Another problem this series has is the obvious Apollo does all moments.  This is true with most Mecha series, the main hero being the saviour, but in Genesis of Aquarion the secondary characters seem more of a burden then additions to the main story and hero.

Rating: 5 / 10 but only because of the music

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