woensdag 21 september 2016

Classic Lego Build: 8777 Vladek Encounter

Today's build report is with a set dating back to 2004.  In the theme of Kingdoms II, we where treated to an evil warlord, Vladek, who wanted to invade the Lego Kingdoms.

Now, while he wears some really evil looking armour, unfortunatly the good guys are armed in all sorts of bright colours... a bit of Nexo Knights avant la lettre.

This 30 part set contained two minifigures, in the form of the evil Lord Vladek and heroic Danju with his wolf livery.

Vladek also came with a warhorse that sported some awesome barding.

The rest of the set is actually a simple build of a catapult, starting out on a 4x6 black plate with grey slopes added.

The leverage device is then installed on top of this.

The catapult arm and basket are then put together, and added to the base, completing the war machine.

And the full set completed:

This is in a way a trendsetter set, in that it is both a precursor to Nexo Knights with it's flashy coloured knights, as well as a sort of glorified character pack as we would later get in many of the franchises.  You can pick this up cheap these days, as the Kingdoms II line wasn`t a really big success, and the Vladek with his barded horse is definitly worth it.

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