donderdag 8 september 2016

The first Draft in two years...

Well, it happened.  I wetn out and played Magic the Gathering again for the first time in over two years, going to my regular spot, Outpost Gamecenters in Antwerp to do a Draft.

Now, a LOT has changed apparently with new mechanics, new block rotation cycles, new Mulligan rules... so this was going to be a study round, expecting a 0-3 as I knew about zilch of the cards in play at the moment.

So I went with a plan, namely to draft weenie beasties and just go for all out attack.  The rules there have also changed, in that you know "keep what you draft" compared to the pickings of the Rares afterwards.

My first booster gave me a Blue Mythic, nice, and I decided to keep it just because, well, it was a Mythic.  Not the greatest around though, but heck, if it`s mythic, it`s tradeable!

I was rather proud of myself that I "read" the draft, the guy on my left going red / white, the guy on my right going green / white... and cursed for it, because I quickly got this card:

I would have loved to have played that, and while I did get a few good black cards, in the end I only had a measly 3 whites.  Blue on the other hand came through by the droves, and I drafted a mono-blue deck in the end.

Which didn`t work at all, the curve being to high.  So after a 2-0 loss to Willem who fielded green white humans with some nasty flipping beasts.  I switched out a couple of blues, and exchanged 6 of my 17 islands for swamps, splashing in black.

The second game against Philip this actually worked, the little skulkers, flyers and the witch killing him slowly while my black zombie and the two gheist walls held off most he could throw with his lifelink white greens.  A 2 - 1 win in the end and I was onwards to actually play for thethird place in our pool and the booster of price support.

This was against Jim, another opponent I knew for years, and his red / green deck.  While the first game was very close, the second was a quick kill as he had his Dragon out, together with a werewolf that fires damage if he is blocked or blocking... game set match 2 - 0

In the end though, I came out 10th overall on 14 players, and obtained my first 4 Planeswalker Points in a VERY long time, just glad I wasn`t smashed left to right due to my "50 Shades of Rustedness", and the best of it was that I had fun while playing :-)

Loot wise, it wasn`t the greatest of drafts, as bar the blue mythic I only got a blue Rare, but I did pride myself that this time round I interpreted the "signals" correctly, never been my strongpoint before.

Now, this time round it will be a very casual career though, the Lego staying on the first place by far, but it`ll give me a "socialising" venue once in a while again...

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